My passion for photography began at a young age with an old Canon point and shoot film camera that my mother let me use. I quickly used up several rolls of film and found a new infatuation with everything around me. Finding undeveloped rolls of film was like winning the lottery for me. My interest in photography waned a bit in my early teenage years as I became more interested in computers and technology.

My interest in photography was sparked again until 2002, when my wife and I went on our honeymoon. I wanted to capture all of the joy of our newleywed adventure but I didn't have a camera. I borrowed a Canon film cameran with a Tamron lens from a friend at church to take with us. Many of the pictures that I took didn't turn out because there was something on the shutter that prevented it from synching correctly. After developing two rolls of mostly useless film I decided that I had to get my own equipment.

Not long after returning from our honeymoon I received my tax refund and promptly set out to research what cameras were within my price range. A few pro-con lists later I decided on the Canon EOS Elan 7e coupled with a Sigma 28-105mm lens. This kit served me well for three years until digital photography technology advanced to the point that I couldn't resist the temptation to make the switch.

In 2005 I made the transition to digital and purchased a Canon EOS 20D 8MP digital camera. The ability to immediately see the results of every depression of the shutter forever changed my photography. With my film camera I mostly took pictures in Full-Auto mode to avoid bad pictures, but with digital I felt free to try to manually expose my photos. This improved my photography more than anything else in the past. After five years of working with the 20D's APS-C senensor I wanted to make the move to a full frame 24mm x 36mm sensor.

I had been keeping an eye on the Canon EOS 5D since it was release and threatened to buy it several times. However, my patience paid off when the 5D Mark II was released with vast improvements over its predecessor, most notably the ability to shoot full 1080p HD video. I finally gave in and bought the 5D Mark II in May of 2010. The move from an 8MP cropped sensor to a 21MP full-frame sensor was sensational.

I have purchased several lenses and accessories for my cameras over the years and I recently replaced my 20D (after it was damaged in a motorcycle wreck) with a Canon EOS 7D.

What I Shoot


The most important day in the life of most women is their wedding day. Everyone wants to capture moments in time, but weddings are especially important. I have photographed seven weddings in the past few years and I look forward to many more.


Whether its a special occasion like senior portraits, graduation, Easter, Christmas or an anniversary or its just for fun, I would love to work with you to create those perfect images.

Events & Dance

I took ballroom dance lessons for two years and loved it! Other students starting asking for me to photograph their events, and I have photographed several showcases, exhibitions and competitions.


One of my favorite things to do after a stressful week is to grab my camera and head into town to take pictures on the streets. I love the archetiecture and especially the unique scenes that reveal themselves everyday.